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M3 owners, tell me about your 6MT shift quality

I've got a 2011 E92 with the 6MT (yes, yes, I should have gotten the DCT). Problem is, my 2nd gear is very notchy and will grind (but still go into gear every time) when attempting a high-rev (say, over 4000 RPM) 1-2 shift. I baby it as much as I can and rev match all downshifts, but compared to all the other gears it's terrible. The same is true for the 3-2 downshift...very notchy and noticeably worse than the other gears. In all cases, 2nd gear requires more force than the rest unless the revs are perfectly matched.

I've owned the car since it had 43 miles on the odometer (it now has 5800), and it's always been this way. I didn't have an issue on the test drive, but the car didn't get fully warmed up, and it was absolutely pouring rain outside, so I drove very carefully.

After the 1200-mile service nothing changed. It felt exactly the same. I don't have much confidence in my local BMW dealer, either. They installed the wrong headlight switch when I had my US-spec car converted to the mandatory UK taillights, and the service advisor wouldn't return my calls to get the problem corrected.

I've read some threads that suggest it may be a normal BMW thing, and I have read the service bulletin, but that was primarily for 08-09s, right?

So, tell does the shift quality of your 2nd gear compare with the rest? Do they all feel the same? Can you perform the 1-2 shift easily at high RPM without worrying you're damaging the transmission? Anyone here had their transmission looked at for something similar?

I'm anticipating lots of pain related to getting this resolved and would like to go in well informed. Cheers!
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