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Originally Posted by Moderato View Post
Husband A is douche and deserves a beat down? For what?
Kind of agree here. Never really understood this kind of jealousy. The way I see it, you either trust your spouse/SO or you don't. If you do, then what's there to be jealous about? If you don't, what in the world are you doing staying with this person you can't trust? What's beating the other guy going to solve? Make your spouse love you more - or again? Might make the other guy stop flirting, but again, if you trust your spouse, then you have nothing to worry about. And if you don't, another will come along right behind him. And another - until you figure out you can beat them all up, the the source of the problem is your relationship, not the other people your spouse is flirting with.

I have a group of college friends like this. There are approximately 10 of us that are still very tight with an even 5/5 male/female split, with a few others who are pseudo members by association. We share a long history. There are cases where one of the guys dated two of the girls, and a girl dated two of the guys - not at the same time, but the point is . . . you could draw a chart of who had some sort of a tryst with another at some point. One of the girls dated one of the guys for years and she ended up marrying his best friend from high school. Yet, they still do things together and go places without their spouses and no one thinks anything of it. That was then and this is now.

We live all over the country now and don't all get together often, but we meet up whenever one is going to be in the other's area. One of the gals came up to meet me at my hotel in San Francisco recently and we went out to dinner. Another came to stay with me for the weekend in LA. No one's spouse had a problem with this. And we are there for each other when the chips are down. If a sibling or a parent or a spouse passes away (all have happened) we're on a plane or in the car on our way. If one of us sent a text to the other asking what they were wearing, I don't think anyone would think anything was going on - absent more to be suspicious about than that.

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