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Well a cheap way to change the looks is an aftermarket body kit, you can try looking at Andys Auto Sport. You will find body kits that match the stock looks or different altogether. Find something you like and look for it on eBay. They carry alot of different items, including some nice headlights and tail lights.
For Rims I like companies like ASpec because of there replica style wheels. I mostly like them because you get to keep the BMW logo. I know I know i'm picky. A bonus in picking these is that they fully support the Tire Pressure Sensor. (Make sure you if you replace your wheels to have those installed on the new ones).

Another thing you can do, is try and find the bumper from the 335i that you like and put it on yours. I'm not 100% sure, but I would assume any of the 3 series would be interchangeable long as the years are matching up.

I personally love the look of our Bimmers, I bought my car used and it has aftermarket rims and I hate them, they look immature to me and I'm not big on low profile.
2008 BMW 328i - 6 speed
2008 BMW 328i - 6 speed

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