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Originally Posted by pharding View Post
I did the upgrade which just came out.

Key information:
BMW 0n-Board Navigation System
Digital Road Map for North America
USB North America Premium 65 90 2 338 094
2013 Version 1A
The maps are by Tom Tom
A 32 GB USB drive has the maps on it. It is contained in a nice PVC case.
The BMW Center submits your VIN Number to BMW. They receive a Map Certificate that is given to the customer. It has a release code for your vehicle.
You insert the USB drive into USB outlet on the right side of your glove box. When the car recognizes the USB it prompts you for a code. You enter the code and and the software starts loading. It takes approximately 30 minutes. Once started you can drive while it loads. If you turn off the car while loading, it starts up again when you restart the car. Very cool.
After loading the maps, you remove the thumb drive and reuse it for another purpose.
Price approximately $220 plus tax.

Routing is better and it better identifies streets/roads with less traffic. For me it is worth the price.
Or you could buy the same USB Media version without the FSC Code only for $42, and an FSC Code from "The FSC Code Man" for $50, and be done for under $100.

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