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Originally Posted by 1Dreamer View Post
Well, I definitely agree that if there's cheating going on, bye bye. Once the trust is gone, that's it. It's very difficult if not impossible to ever regain that. I'm just saying that (1) jealousy is a pretty ugly trait that really doesn't accomplish anything, and (2) if there is a problem here, the problem is with the relationship of couple B. Husband A is a symptom of the problem, but not the problem. If she's flirting in a sexual ways and possibly cheating, then it's not because husband A is so special, and getting him out of the picture is not going make the problem go away. She'll just find a Husband C, or random guy D from the office/gym/country club, etc.
You're right. If it were any other person I'd not get myself involved with him. I'd only beat his @ss because he's my friend and I expected more

I will add to this - that although it is extremely painful and difficult to leave a partner for cheating, I don't see any other alternative. I believe people make mistakes and divorce in my view should almost not even be an option except in the case of a cheating spouse. I always say if you caught them once, then God knows what you haven't caught.
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