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Fill Up While Station is Getting Fuel

I've had bad experiences with other cars when I filled up at the same time the station was getting fuel. If I see a tanker at the station I generally continue driving to get fuel later. The other day I pulled into a station before I noticed the tanker truck. I was at the pump and since there are many more gas pumps than diesel pumps I went to the driver and asked him if he was filling the diesel tank. He said to me, "Are you from the north?" Now granted, I still have remnants (or maybe more than that) of a NY accent, but I didn't think that is what he was getting at. I told him I was and he said there is nothing to worry about that all the tanks are fiberglass and there is none of the condensation that you would get from the non fiber glass tanks which he said are or were common in the north. I said I wasn't worried as much about the condensation as the sediment at the bottom of the tank which gets stirred up when the tank is being filled. He said that the fuel is highly filtered even at the pump and assured me there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I filled my car and all seems well. I was curious though as to his story. Does that sound accurate to you?
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