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Originally Posted by Moderato View Post
That was my point exactly. You're imagining the scenario in a certain context with specific conditions. If Husband A is sending questionable texts to Wife B and they weren't solicited and Wife B wants it to stop then that is wrong. However there could be other circumstances which would make this behavior understandable. So, it's possible that Husband A & Wife B aren't happy with their spouses for whatever reason. At this point where a few texts have been exchanged no one needs to get beat up or divorced. I reiterate that if they're going to act on it then they need to be upfront but for right now they each need to evaluate their marriages and decide if any action should be taken. The other possibility you need to consider is that these two couples might be OK with that type of behavior. I know couples that have very relaxed rules regarding flirting and what they do (and have stayed married for over 10 years), for example going out to bars and flirting with other people right in front of each other. I know married people that go out on a "women's only" or "men's only" vacation. Guess what? Both parties are OK with it and some even think it's healthy for their relationship.
That's a viable option. Which is why I said "if" circumstances were such and such, "this" is probably how I'd react. Nobody knows the OP's entire story, so I made a hypothetical.

Regarding your text I highlighted in black, it wouldn't matter at that point if only "out" of the marriage was already decided upon.
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