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Hopefully it will be. But as my dad always said, **** in one hand and wish in the other, and see which one fills up first.

Usually its better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Given this car is driven about 30k per year it would explain that the symptoms have become increasingly worse in a relatively short amount of time.]

Like i said, usually by disabling the vanos by unplugging a solenoid is an easy way to mask this problem.

Given that this example is particularly rough running and is so more often even when warm, i could not guarantee that unplugging a solenoid would eradicate problems completely (as in rough running and idle issues) although its certainly easier than removing coils about the place and if it did improve, would point to the issues i describe.

I am not here to make rash assumptions or be a happy bearer of bad news, but rather to put people in the picture about a well documented issue by BMW themselves that manifests itself in exactly the way and symptoms you are describing.

Sure, it may be that if this is the issue you do not want to pursue a repair, but to know that AFTER spending another 700 in so called repairs by techs even at the dealership replacing parts that are not needed, is another kick in the stones.

If it were me i would try and unplug a vanos solenoid first to see if the symptoms reduce or dissapear. If not, you can swap out coils and plugs from the cylinders giving you errors and see if the codes jump over to the cylinders you swap into as described above.

Failing that, i think a proper diagnosis to confirm by Mr Vanos etc, but i would say its a 99% certainty its the levers.

Oh BTW, your cat codes are symptomatic of unburnt fuel entering the cat and being picked up by the 02 sensors due to your misfires not igniting the mixture.

Have you looked at the link i provided or indeed the service bulletin (just copy and paste it into google or similar) to see if any of these symptoms correspond with yours?

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