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Originally Posted by nhman View Post
I don't, yet, own an X3 but have the same opinion that from pictures I like the styling of the 3 series (F31) wagon vs. the X3. I came to the same conclusion when recently looking at the Audi Q5 vs. Allroad. However with the same level of equipment the Allroad was $3k USD higher. Not sure why but with more interior space the Q5, IMO, was a better value. I say this wondering if the same will be true of the BMW's.

With the upcoming F31/3-series wagon, the unknown is the release date, available equipment and pricing. I guess it depends on your situation and by extension timeline for needing a vehicle. If you can wait until more information is released on the wagon, it could work in your favor.

All things being equal in-terms of pricing, equipment, etc., I believe that I would go with the wagon. But the X3 is a great alternative.
I've driven the Q5 and could pick up a slightly used one for a good price. I prefer the X3 over the Q5 though. For me, the all-road is out of the question. I don't like the styling and IMO it's way overpriced. Can't believe they would ditch the A4 Avant for that!
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