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Question Increased emissions? gah.

So, my car is a 2004 545i with 182K miles

Most mornings where it's cold outside (under 40*F or so) the idle is a bit erratic and it seems to run a little rough at first (but starts fine), but after I get out of the driveway and give it some gas it does just fine, and is fine for the rest of the day after that and throws no error codes, except for two times where I've gotten some errors.

First time was maybe a month ago where I can't even remember all of the codes that came up, but I remember it running and sounding horrible. From what I remember reading after it happened, the car had switched away from using valvetronic and was using the regular throttle body it had so many errors. This happened as I was pulling out of the driveway, and when I accelerated to leave it was very weak and sounded like an old tractor or something it was so bad. I pulled over maybe half a mile down the road, turned the car off, re-started it and all errors were gone and that hasn't happened again.

Fast forward to today and as I was pulling out I got an increased emissions warning message. It still ran fine, but I tried pulling over/turning the car off anyways, but the message was still there when I restarted.

I drove to my parents house about an hour away to drop the dog off with no other issues in driveability, and pulled all the codes in INPA. I've attached a printout from that, but basically it's the following:

27A0 (ebox fan, this one has been there forever--I just need to order a new one and replace it)
274E (Misfire detection, Checksum failure)
2747 (misfire detection cyl. 3)
2748 (misfire detection cyl. 7)
2742 (misfire detection cyl. 1)
2743 (misfire detection cyl. 5)
2744 (misfire detection cyl. 4)

Any ideas on what to replace? I remember seeing a service bulletin about some of the valvetronic components being out of spec one time but I can't remember if all the symptoms were the same or not. I'm not sure why it only does it when it's cold and is fine the rest of the time.

Oh, spark plugs were changed a few months back so those are all new.

I have already ordered CCV rebuild kits prior to this, so I'm going to make sure those are working properly but I'm not sure what else to do. I keep reading about the DISA valve, but I can't find anything about that on the V8's, only on the V6's. Is this something I have or no?

Thanks for any help!!
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