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Bee, funny and off topic, but I am so naive about scams since you brought up the one about all the money left you, etc. What is the "jist" of the scam where they want to pay you to reship packages that they could send to the correct address in the first place? Is it just that you accept a phoney cashier's check or money order made out to you and then you send with your good money? They always want you to do for a month before they pay you so I imagine that is how long they figure it to take to realize you were scammed!
I just have always wondered is it what they are shipping (drugs, et al) that they want "laundered" through your address or the real money from your bank account exchanged for their phoney-baloney money orders???

Back on topic. his pedal pulsing will absolutely go away if he disconnects the module. No doubt about it only happening when ABS system "thinks" it is healthy and on. He needs to answer my question about who told him which sensor was bad and with what device did they reach this conclusion? I would almost bet the farm that test said say RR was bad and changing it made a difference, but it is RR channel of module. Need to know how long he has owned, etc. He has not given me the meat I need to help him or decide re-build vs. new. Know nothing about the availablility of quality indies.
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