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Hi Herb, Gebhardt,

Thank very much both for contributing, I really do appreciate it.

I have noticed that piece on the intermediate levers in the past, but, given that only 2 of my cylinders have been misfiring consistently, I am hoping that this is symptomatic of a smaller issue, rather than the intermediate levers affecting potentially all of the cylinders?

It has got dark out here early, coz we're in UK winter, so I am pondering going outside and unplugging the vanos first as you suggest gebhardt, to see if that helps. If not, then I'll have to reseat coils if it doesnt when its light out, then its off to see mr vanos I suppose.

OR who wants to place bets on the outcome? If enough people in the forum place and I take a %age of the winnings it'll fund my fix heh heh zzz ok just kidding.

As much as I hate BMW I love the car so even at risk of a divorce, I wanna fix it. But its very important I try and do as much as I can myself, so let's see what I can find out.

Some of the answers will surely be provided by Wednesday this week on the vanos and coils, as I actually have it booked into a BMW specialist (ex-BMW). But if I can check a couple of these things first myself perhaps I'll save myself a visit (although that nasty oil leak still needs fixing...).
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