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ABS and traction lights on

The brake pulsing does stop when I disconnect the ABS module. I did send a reply that indicates that the speed sensor cable was damaged the insulation broke and there was a short as a result. I did have occasion to cut and tape this cable a few months ago, and so when the traction and ABS lights came on that was the obvious place to check. The right rear. I have owned the car for over 7 years now, and I anly concerned in keeping it in the best condition as can be. Before this car i owned the 525E, E 28 which I kept in top form until I sold it off. I will have it diagnosed, and thereafter be able to get the make and type of equipment unfortunately I can't get this info till Wednesday.

Keeping a BMW is not the easiest thing to do in nigeria but there is a handful of us who want to keep it the way it was built.
The mechanics here do not have a clue often working blind without diagnostic equipment the reason I refer to forums like this. Matter of fact i am trying to get a few mechanics to buy the carsoft software to help manage these cars better ...No scam intended...

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