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This is important. Are you saying you repaired the cable and then was "ok" for a while and then went out again so you replaced it or did you just replace right away. Point is HOW LONG DID YOU DRIVE IT AFTER REPAIRING OR REPLACING SPEED SENSOR BEFORE YOU GOT IT ALIGNED AND THE PROBLEM STARTED AGAIN? Was all ok for some period, then you got aligned and then you discoved the shorted cable to a speed sensor, replaced it and the error won't clear. Need to know how long it ran fine with repaired sensor, or did it never run fine with repaired sensor because you got the error at alignment, starting looking around and then found sensor bad and replaced it and still no go? Was there a period of time when it ran ok on a repaired or replaced sensor and only the alignment triggered the error to come?

ALSO, did you have any devices not working when ABS module was still hooked up? Odometer, speedometer, cruise3 control, etc. Was everything "normal" until lights came on? Now yopu shopuld have service engine soon light too, but ignore it while module it disconnected. Did your mechanic have ability to clear anyb errors or jusrt see them physically with his eyes or with his scanner. Did he try to clear errors? He should check your steer angle sensor mounted on yopur control arm and see if he knocked it loose.

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