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Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
Ummm...your time on the forum and amount of posts disqualifies you as a "Bimmer gnurd".
I was talking ab my *nephew* being the brand new gnurd... Gnurd!

Thanks for your reply. You were one of the folks I was hoping would impart some wisdom. In fact, I ran immediately away from this post and read all things E38 for these concerns. Many of them intersected with posts of yours (or somebody, I dunno) on other forums.

I deduced that the cheap LED tails were not in fact the way to go. I advised his father of this and was met with all sorts of Ebay claims he'd read. I told him he could order what he wanted, but the AZ Autohaus link to the 01+ OE tails was the way to go. I also told him I wasn't going to have a part in the installation of crappy tails. You mention the sockets are different for '01 +- other than knowing that, what kind of effort does that translate into upon install? Splice wires? Buy new bulbs? Does a kit include adapters? Are they necessary? I don't think I'll be fortunate enough to install OE tails, but I'd like an idea of what is needed in case he gets smart.

I actually DID find the fuse (#53, I think) information as well. It would be awesome if that's all it is. I am not averse to removing the console and rinsing the parts. I'll update here on those.

A long, long time ago, BMW sold a blank for the front cup holders in the E39. That was one of those things I was wanting, but it was only like $15 and the shipping was $10. I decided I would wait and get one when I bought something else. I never remembered to order it. Now, of course, I think I read it's NLA. Ahh well.

Thanks again, guys.

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