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Dinan Performance Engine Software/boost files Backup

I was wondering if there is a method to backup dinan tune files via E-sys and reload them when the dealer (for what ever reason) re-flashes all your ECUs? I know that we always can go back to a dinan dealer for reflash but it would be nice if we can do it ourselves!

Here is a staring point: On Dinan flash report it seems that the Dinan software is accessing the following files in DME (ECU):

Programmed Control Unit: SWFL_00000652_209_002_003
Basic Control Unit: SWFL_0000065B_209_002_001

I have also noticed that both of the above units are found on my computer under this directory:
They are present in 3 different extensions: .bin, .bsw and .xml

I attempted accessing those files through different Editors and Viewers in E-sys so I can read them and save a copy of them with no success. Would saving a copy of those files in a safe place to use them after a dealer reflash work? and if so, is there a special way to re-insert them to the vehicle via E-Sys? Are there other files involved in the dinan tune other than those? or am I simply missing the boat and these questions are not doable through E-sys?.

P.S. I have Stage 3 Dinan tune and I'm using E-sys 3.18.4/PSDZ V47.5
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