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Okay so for anyone who sees this thread in the future, this is how I figured out what was wrong with my car. I did some research on some BMW forums and narrowed it down to the an ignition coil dying... just as pcy said above (thank you for that by the way). However, knowing very little about this particular car engine, I didn't know exactly how to approach it. I wanted to fix it on my own, so I looked up several DIYs for the ignition coil/spark plugs in an e60 BMW, but none were available for specifically the N52 engine. Finally just figured it out on my own. I do plan on making a DIY for BMW e60 with the N52 engine because I know how much trouble I went through to try to figure it out, so please look out for that. But anyways, to find out for sure if it was an ignition coil that was causing the problem, once I got to the ignition coils I started the car, and un-did each connector one by one, listening for an RPM drop. The first two coils caused a drop in RPM when disconnected, so I knew they were fine, however there was no change with the third. As delighted as I was, I had to make sure it wasn't the spark plug or the actual connector that had a problem, so I took out the coil that I suspected was the issue, and switched it with the second ignition coil (make sure you do this with the car off...). The drop in RPM was now in the 3rd cylinder, not the second, and when I disconnected the second (which used to be the third) there was no change. So that means it was (thankfully) the ignition coil. Because it is a Sunday, and because all of the auto stores that were actually open didn't have the ignition coil I needed, I was not able to fix it today. But now that I know how to do it and how easy the process is, when I get the part tomorrow (I still went to a store who said they'd send someone to the warehouse tomorrow to get one and they'd have it by mid-day) I will be able to install it in easily less than 30 minutes. By the way, the ignition coil I ordered from the store is Bosch, and it cost around $77 with tax.
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