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Originally Posted by Tsyras View Post
Long time browser...but this is my first post.

In 2010 I was set on buying a Camaro. Well, when my wife reminded me that we were having kids soon, I decided to go for a sedan and thought the 4 door 3 series looked fairly sporty. Found a decent deal on a 2010 328i with a MT.

Love how the car drives. I am just getting bored with the look. I am at 41k miles on the stock run flats and they are wearing thin. I am wanting some advice on some ways to make some upgrades.

I do NOT have the sports package. I currently have the stock 16s and hate them (love the spoke styling though). Would 18s look fine without the sport package? Also, not sure if I should look at wider than stock. Any recommendations on this front?

One other area I hate is the front bumper. I really like this style bumper on the 335i:

Is there an economical way to upgrade to this bumper, or one of similar style?

I guess the last question much to upgrade to LED halos?
You can always do what I did. I've had many BMWs (and still have one), but was bored of how surgical they are. Yes, sounds weird, but I wanted some personality back in the car. I desperately wanted an engine sound that was beautiful. So I bought a brand new Challenger SRT8. RWD, Manual, Coupe, and fits two cars seats comfortably. Trunk is at least 50% bigger than a 3 series too! So you can have your cake and eat it too. When this gets boring, might get a 4 series or a M4 or another SRT product...who knows.

Let me know if you're interested in really shaking things up. I'll help you with questions.
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