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Preventive maintenance tips/questions

Hi everyone:

I have a 2001 330i with 115K miles on it. The car runs great, but I would like to do some preventive maintenance on it to ensure everything stays fine.

I plan to take the car out to an Indy in the next few days to have him take a look over and see what he finds. But I would also like to suggest some things for him to do. Hereís the history of the car:

Left control arm, front control bushings and bearings changed at 65,000

After belts etc broke and a general catastrophic failure (!) at 80,200 miles, the following were changed- Fan, water pump, 2 V belts, belt tensioner, deflector roller, washer pump.

Brake pads and rotors changed twice, the second change recently at 95000 miles

Valve cover gasket, 6 spark plugs changed at 102,000 miles.

After doing research here, hereís what I am going to ask the Indy for:

1.Oil, oil filter change
2.Brake fluid flush, change
3. Coolant flush, add
4. Transmission fluid flush, change
5. Differential fluid flush, change
6. Power steering hose kit replaced- I know this is leaking
7. In addition to these items, I looked at the 3 excellent write ups by Bav auto. So I will be asking the Indy to do items listed over there- inspect control arms, bushings, valve stems, hoses, exhaust. Based on my limited understanding, these are the items to check.

Here are my questions

a.What would be a reasonable price for items 1-5?

b.Previously I received an estimate of $180 for the steering hose kit with 1hr of labor? Does that sound reasonable?

c.My understanding is the cooling system is generally prone to failure- since I replaced the water pump and belts at 80,000 I guess I donít need those?

d.Is there anything else that is prone to failure (e.g. other plastic items?). I know the list of items is endless. My plan is to see what all need to be replaced in item 7 above, then if I have any budget left move on to others. My understanding is the other critical items are: thermostat housing, radiator, expansion tank. Also water pulley?

e.Is VANOS something I should replace too?

f.Any other critical items/suggestions?

I know this is a lot, but any help, advice would be appreciated.

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