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Originally Posted by FenderBender View Post
How come? I mean, I certainly haven't received any lately, but I may have at some point.
So I'll look into Capital one?
If you used to and you have a good score that's fine, apply for what you want and see.

Cap1 will be easy to get approved for and a decent starter card.

Originally Posted by TechieTechie View Post

I've got a Cap1, a B of A MC and a B of A Visa. Cap1 has had the best customer service so far. So long as you pay them off each month they'll all be about the same. Pay attention to the payment cycles, late penalties and max interest. As everyone has said, read and re-read the fine print. The interest rates can get down right draconian once you've been late once.
Really, the Cap1 is your favorite? FIA runs BofA cards and they're not my favorite but they're a bit better than Cap1. The worst of all I've ever dealt with is GE Money Bank. Just awful. Everything about them is miserable.

Originally Posted by hornhospital View Post
Holy crap, Chad! 16k posts? You're like 20th on the number of top posters.

But it will be years before anyone catches Jever, though, and he's been gone for what seems like years.
Whoa damn really. That's surprising.

I miss teh jev.

Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
But when you have a flat-brim hat and lip piercings, you apparently lack more than sound aesthetic judgement...
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You're a derbanana