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Hey Guys! So I tossed those sad excuses of spark plugs and put is some NGK-R's and test drove it. MUCH better but problem still apparent. after a second of pondering I had a theory. I bought the car used and I am damn sure that the previous owner did have the gall to bite the bullet and buy some damn spark plug wires... so I pulled the loom off the valve cover and cracked that sucker open.. ALAS!!!!! carbon tracks from the old plug wires crossfiring under heavy loads! so I manned up and just dropped the hundred for the wires and installed them. Test drove the car and now its running like a champ! now I gotta tackle the oil in on the filter and in the intake boot, intake manifold and such but thats not on the top of my list. Im thinking CCV and I plan on replacing the hose after I get paid tomorrow. And also I have a 1222 DTC for the O2 sensor. and I understand that the O2 sensor just measures oxygen and something can cause the Rich/Lean code to appear I just want a second opinion on wether it would be a good idea to start at the O2 and just get it outta the way so if its something else I can move on. Or maybe a wideband...... hmmmmmmmm and advice would be much appreciated -M POWER-
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