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Originally Posted by av98 View Post
Technically your tire selection is a staggered set from the tire sizes- 225 fronts and 255 rears but the wheel size is 17 which is a smaller contact patch. I'd stick with as aggressive a combined neg camber they can give you within the stock specs. Plus a similar toe and stock caster as what I previously posted. This will keep the tire wear to a pretty reasonable rate. As for how you want the car to handle, in a staggered setup the car is more likely to understeer due to more grip in the rear. The less grip you have in the rear allows it to rotate more easily to get a more neutral setup (the whole car rotates evenly front & rear with out a biased understeer or oversteer from either end). Just describe what you want the car to do along with what your comfortable in driving. Hopefully the alignment shop is experienced enough to know what setup works best. Faster turn-in is affected by the toe setting. If you like the car to respond right away with steering inputs that is a faster turn in.
So u r saying pretty much trust the guys at Firestone and just talk to them, i.e., I dont have to take specific numbers to him? Last few times I went there, they did seem like they knew what they were talking about, and I am sure they see a ton of BMW's esp in my area so its not a rare thing etc.... And I guess definitely tell them to weigh down the car, or should that be standard for these cars?

I do prefer slight understeer, maybe its my type A, i.e., if I wanna turn hard, I'll turn it hard, lol... I dont like my steering super responsive and jumpy esp for higher speed driving, not sure if that makes sense overall since I am not a race car driver, but I do love driving.

Thanks, your awesome!
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