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Originally Posted by Shaske87 View Post
I've been trying to figure this issue out for a while now with no luck. About two weeks ago I was going down the freeway and hit a metal shard and sliced my drivers side front tire and transmission oil pan. So lost all the fluid and had to be towed home. Replaced pan and refilled with dextron 3 like the big green sticker says. Now driving down the road it doesn't slip in any gear. The issue is during the gear shifts it revs up 500 to 1000 then drops and accerates normal. Fluid level is good. Does this warm and cold. I refilled the transmission correctly. Slim not sure if maybe the newer fluid is to blame or something else was hit that would cause this. My car is a 95 525i automatic. Has 220k on motor and body. Transmission has 110k

It sounds like low fluid level to me.

If you are sure the fluid level is perfectly correct, then it is possible the trans was physically damaged by the road debris. If there was enough force to poke a hole in the pan maybe the valve body took a hit. This is the cast alum part that you see whith the trans pan off. This is the main control for shifting, even the slightest crack or leak could cause poor shifting.

I have NO faith in the notion that adding new, correct, replacement fluid is the cause of your problem because it is too thin. I wouldn't bother with high milage mechanic in a bottle, it is highly unlikely it will fix your car.
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