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Originally Posted by snowsled7 View Post
It sounds like low fluid level to me.

If you are sure the fluid level is perfectly correct, then it is possible the trans was physically damaged by the road debris. If there was enough force to poke a hole in the pan maybe the valve body took a hit. This is the cast alum part that you see whith the trans pan off. This is the main control for shifting, even the slightest crack or leak could cause poor shifting.

I have NO faith in the notion that adding new, correct, replacement fluid is the cause of your problem because it is too thin. I wouldn't bother with high milage mechanic in a bottle, it is highly unlikely it will fix your car.
High mileage tranny oil from multi million dollar brand name oil companies are most certainly not a "mechanic in a bottle" products and there is nothing overtly wrong with mechanic in a bottle situations, if actual mechanics such as Scotty Kilmer are prepared to advocate them in public in for appropriate situations. Obviously, such products will never be equal to a direct repair, but they solve the problem in enough situations to have proven their worth.

And we have seen situations on these forums where people with no prior damage to their transmissions, encountered gear slippage immediately after changing to new oil of the correct rating, and filled correctly according to the manual. Most of them posted here and disappeared without stating how they fixed it, but one german dude who specialised in buying E34s cheap from returning US servicemen and then selling it off at a profit, had this same problem with one of his cars and fixed it by switching to RP's high mileage tranny oil. He was one happy dude. That was over a year ago.

Anyway, the classic quick and dirty way to test if your have insufficient tranny fluid is as follows. Shift to D and accelerate to 30 mph and hit the brakes very e brake. When the car stops fully, release the brakes immediately and do not tap on the accelerator. Watch for how long the car takes to move forward. It should only take 1-3 seconds. If it takes something like 10 seconds, or an inordinately long period of time, you've got too little fluid.

The hard brake causes all the fluid to rush to the front of the transmission. It takes a few seconds to flow back to the back. The tcm will not let the transmission engage until it detects oil at the back of the tranny (or something like that). Its a fail safe. If there is too little oil, there will be nothing left at the back of the tranny when you hit the brakes. If you have enough oil, this will not be a problem.
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