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when I started coding my f10 I've done this procedure:

First time full backup of Car's configuration files:
- It's a good practice to take a full back up of Car's setting before any changes are made to the car. This would help reverting back to original settings in case a mistake is made or it is desired to go back to original settings of any or all features.
- Connect ENET cable between car's OBD port and network port of laptop.
- Switch on the ignition of the car, don't start the engine.
- You will notice laptop tries to connect to the car. Wait a few minutes until the network icon on laptop shows a Connection with the yellow exclamation point over it.
- Press connect button on top row of E-Sys to connect car with the laptop.
- It opens up a popup, select the correct TargetSelector, e.g . F025 and not F025_DIRECT, select "connection via VIN" and press Connect.
- Click Ok when connection established.
- Select "Expert Mode" on the left pane and click on "Coding" button.
- In Vehicle Order Box (upper left), click on "Read" button., it would display FA of your car.
- Go to SVT Actual Box (right pane, midway down) and click on "Read(VCM)" button.
- SVT box will display SVT of different modules of your car, some with green bullets. These green CAFD files are of our interest.
- Right click on each green CAFD and click on "Read Coding data". Afre codes are read, green icon will change into a folder icon.
- Read all the green CAFD files one by on or,select multiple by holding the Ctrl key of keyboard and read Coding data by right clicking..
- Check the folder "C:\ESysData\CAF", this will contain all the read CAFD files.
- Copy and Save all the files in a safe place. These are your original CAFD files.
Now I have a lot of CAF files, but I don't know how to copy these files to car when I wont back to factory settings. Please help
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