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Originally Posted by Matt_N View Post
I ordered my DISA gasket from German Auto Solutions for my M54 motor.

I'm not too concerned with testing the CCV, I'd just like to replace it for peace of mind and to keep hacking away at the list of possible SES causes. I feel like what I've read regarding the CCV indicates that like other parts of the car it really is a maintenance item. I'm also afraid to touch any of the CCV hoses because they're so brittle, another reason to order the full replacement setup and swap it in.

Thanks for all the useful links, it is amazing how much information is out there about these cars.
This x1000. I just did this over the thanksgiving weekend and every hose associated with the system broke.

The hose that had failed on its own for me was the oil return hose that connects to the dip stick.

Good luck with the installation. Took me about 5 hrs.
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