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Originally Posted by ozzM3 View Post
Very true, yet, for $100 dollars it's a good option to explore before spending $500 for a new unit.
That is one issue I have no argument for! It is always why I ask the car owner straight-up, but not to be their finances are as there are people who have very good incomes (count me NOT as in that group) and would prefer to not have (possible) repeat occurrences. Then there are the "rest of us" who need to always count the pennies. It really is not a matter of $500 vs. $100 being insignificant to some people as much as it can be how far to their indy, their inner fear of what all those lights mean, etc. Many modules seem to also lend themselves to a more straightforward re-build whereas take my module from few years ago. Sent to ATE (mistake one). it was returned *repaired*. It did not work. They wanted it back a seciond time. Said it tested perfect as received, but owner pwersonally would add reduntant wiring, do extra *for sure* re-built techniques an it would be great and last forever, Got back, same errors. I knew speed sensoers were good as I had tested them out of car one at a time and wiring to them and connections. Sent module to BBa and in two days they called to say my module FAILED 2 of 3 tests and they went to great detail to explain their tests. The opened it and said it was such a F__king mess on the inside of extra wires, good old boy repairs etc. that they were sorry, but would not be able to take time necessary to reverse engineer and start over. They did NOT try to sell me a rebuilt module or make a dime. Returned my module at their cost (making not a dime on me and actually spending freight back plus time on bench to say there was no way that module would work in any car!. ATE wanted it back a third time. Why?? I sent it to them and said to learn how to repair a module properly, but I was going to buy new from EAC. Bought new, had coded by an autologic and car has been perfect since. ATE refunded 100%, but offered no explanation. I got to know owner of ATE well enough that I had forum members coming to me with similar horror stories-some had sent back and forth to ATE FIVE times and were just at a stalemate. Could not get money back and had useless module. I got no less than half a dozen people full refunds and their old modules back. I got some postage money as well. ATE still maintains these modules were good even in the face of a new module curing my problem immediately.

So, my position has changed a little on rebuilds. Obviousely can't blame quality rebuilders on ATE and their CSM. They claim to rebuild for all the large chains like Autozone, Pep Boys, and any others who ask for core. They claim they do for Acura, Toyota, Audi, M-B, Et al and BMW is just one car they do out of 100. I say their test bench is flawed, their C/S people are poor, they won't move unless boss "oks". That is BS!! There are many out there who I got refund for after a YEAR. (Fizaks on forum). They gave-up and bought new and moved on figuring they would never see their money again. If *Don* at ATE reads my recent posts, I'm sure the day of getting him to refund is history. But, he says he does hundreds a day and do I really think one refunds makes any difference to their bottom line? They sure act like it! *Fizaks* was in college when he sent his module to ATE and was still in school year later when I got him about $200. Tell me a college student who does not need the money! Shame on ATE. Watch-out for names that now have ATE in them, but are variations on EBAY. They have fiortunately changed their name sklightly, but still has a form of ATE or SIMILAR in the name. They are in Tennessee, IIRC. Stay away. BBa best deal, Module masters more money, but huge following of success, and then there are a bunch of new players emerging that I just can't keep up with that also report great success. Use your own discretion. You do NOT re-code your re-built module. A new module requires a re-code yo your vin as your vin is ONLY way for re-coder to know exactly what options your particular car has and it matters. Have sterr angle sensor error cleared (it just tells where steering wheel is currently pointed 500-0-500 lock to lock. some get 350-0-650 lock to lock and won't accept recode. Autologic will pick this up and fix. Any pump errors, steer angle errors, etc. are almost alwys module. Most can not recode these without very good software. Mark at EAC was able to clear my steer angle sensor error, but just could not get new module to code successfully. Autologic got it. I think if it were today, Mark wiould have got it 100%. He was still learning his downloaded INPA testing and all other software he had. If you have Carsoft or that caliber scanner-forget it. They can clear an error, but usually will make no difference. must be quality software. Rant off. Hope some learn from my experiences. Have done a dozen modules since for others-some re-built-some new. A couple needed steer angle sensors, but no pumps ever even though they say bad. Inability to communicate with module is another almost 100% for sure module problem. Some are rebuildable, most are not. Do not count on a diagnosed bad speed sensor.` You can switch sensors left to right (not front to back) to see if error moves, use multimeter, many other tests. Many scanners just pick first speed angle sensor they see regardless as bad. SEE BEE ON THIS ONE. SHE HAS PROOF FROM SPEED SENSOR MFGR. I HAVE NEVER SEEN BUT SAYS IT ALL. Lesson learned....ABS error is a roller coaster ride. get ready to hang on. I am impatient which is another reason I just buy the damn module and code it! If error is still there, you replaced a device that not *if* it will get you, but WHEN. They are old and getting older, delicate, and will last on average 7 years or so. Pay me now or pay me later. Just don't go to BMW with this error ever.
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