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Originally Posted by Matt_N View Post
I ordered my DISA gasket from German Auto Solutions for my M54 motor.
Ah yes. That's where we get 'em also. We used to just buy o-rings to size- but that was before Gary showed up.
- Where to get just the DISA valve o-ring (1)

Originally Posted by Matt_N View Post
I'm not too concerned with testing the CCV, I'd just like to replace it for peace of mind
Understood. Too bad it's such a crummy system yet so time consuming to replace.
- How to do a CCV delete (1)

Originally Posted by Matt_N View Post
to keep hacking away at the list of possible SES causes.
Smoke test is probably your best bet for lean condition misfires:
- How to make your own smoke machine (1)

Originally Posted by Brobby87 View Post
The hose that had failed on its own for me was the oil return hose that connects to the dip stick.
Same with me!

Dunno if the fact my double-walled dipstick tube was totally clogged had anything to do with the lower CCV vent tube breaking in half though ...
- How to test, clean, & redesign the original BMW dipstick guide tube to prevent CCV vent clogs (1)

The TCV boot is also a common leak culprit on the M54 engine:
Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders.
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