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Originally Posted by TurboBusa View Post
what!!! This is my first BMW and my service so far has been excellent. My previous car was a lexus, and there service was excellent. I never had scratches, dings, or anything of that nature after getting my car back. That is totaly unacceptable with PREMIUM cars. Now i have gotten my ford, camry and honda back with things you mentioned, but never my PREMIUM cars.

and what!!! Take it in, see whats wrong with it. Let us know what happens. Unless your a lead foot, it shouldnt be that bad.
Turbo - how you doin man??? hope all is well.
Dont know why you are surprised. We have had a brand new 745LI, 2002 X5 4.6is, 2011 x5 35, and a 328xi, including my new car over the years. Even if we take it in for a simple service or oil change something usually happens. We have used two dealerships over the years. I wont mention any names. The most recent mishap was with my last 2002 X5 4.6is. I took it in for new lifters and to get cam timing adjusted and matched to ECU. The car was perfect when it came in. When I got it back, car had the entire front left wheel with a huge deep gash and oil/grease stains on the wheel where they obviously smashed it into something. That was only a few months ago. Wont mention any names.

Even more recent was delivery of my new car. Not only did I take delivery of the 2013 X5 50i with a gash on one of the wheels (stupid me didnt notice when I picked it up, day of hurricane sandy). #2 the biggest thing was we ordered the X5 WITH NO FRONT LICENSE PLATE BRACKET. I made sure the salesman wrote this ALL OVER our paperwork. Well, what do you know, I took delivery of the car with holes in my bumper and the front plate bracket installed.

These are only a few examples Turbo. But, my family and friends in NY for the most part always have minor issues with service. No one is impeccable about what they do anymore. People used to take pride in their work. That is usually not the case anymore.
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