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I think I found the credit union to finance my daily driver. Just joined Pentagon Federal, if you don't have military affiliation they allow you to join if you donate $20 to the National Military Family Association, so I did that and opened a $5 savings account. They offer rates *as low as* 1.49%, no age restriction on the vehicle, must be under 125k miles. (My current CU requires that it be less than 5 model years old and have less than 70k miles)

Time to start test driving stuff I guess, although I still want to wait until I get my salary offer after the holidays. If I don't buy a car until then, exactly what I expect will happen and I can go buy my $9k daily driver. If I do buy a car, according to Murphy's Law, one of two things will happen, I won't get the job at all and I'll be stuck with two cars I can't afford, OR, I'll get $20k/yr more than I expect and could afford a much nicer daily.