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Originally Posted by OGIEVA EMOKPAE View Post
I had driven the car for at least 6 months after i repaired the sensor cable, and everything worked perfectly. The first sight of the problem was on my way from the Alignment Bay. We confirmed the faulty sensor visually by a physical examination. Changed it (although with a wrong unit as I later found out ) the brakes work fine once i disconnect the speed sensor, and the same occurs when i disconnect the ABS module. My mechanic at the time did not use any error reset tool, but I have a Wednesday appointment to check the fault and possibly reset this ...I hope this helps
YES! If you want me to help you then I will, but I need certain very distinct and chronological answers to rule out stuff. The devil is definitely in the details on these deals.

So, let me see if I have this right as something still does not add up. 6 mos. ago you found a short on one speed sensor. I assume you were lead to this discovery by the trifecta of lights coming on which made you start investigating? Good find on shorted cable which you then repaired and it worked perfect for next 6 months. Sometimes you need not "clear" an error as it will clear itself after couple re-starts or sometimes right away when things are made right. Steer angle sensor re-calibrate not likely to clear itself by virtue of what it reads.

6 months later you get your car aligned and error all of a sudden and totally coincidentally comes back on after alignment and you confirn the repair you did 6 months ago is now no good again? What happened to your first repair? Electrical tape come loose? It was the same sensor you and the alignment shop saw with your eyes was definitely bad, but only after alignment and repair you had made 6 mos. ago was still *fine* when you pulled into alignment shop, but now bad after alignment? Did alignment shop mess with it? (your repair)? Was it same sensor as one you worked on before? What made it unable to be repaired again as it was once before? You have a wrong sensor on there now? What makes it wrong? belongs on front? What did you and the alignment shop see when you both decided it was bad? Did they offer a guess why it was fine when you pulled it and bad when you pulled out? Is cable cut, worn all the insulation off, what is it that makes it bad this time and is it same sensor? You may be able to repair the "old" sensor" again and your error will clear. Did you ever say you had a steer angle error or did I offer that as a possibility? Was alignment way off or what made you feel you needed alignment?

Lots of questions- all are important to me. Please re-read several times and verify you have given me everything you can. Guys here can likely send you INPA diagnosis software and stuff they have "cracked" that will rival the GT-1. I am just not that computer savvy to play with the unknown. I know where my limits are and try not to cross, but there are guys on this forum who are absolute masters at understanding this stuff who may be inclined to help you and your mechanics there. Warning that some software may take some IT knowloedge on your part. Not sure how plug & play it is.
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