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Originally Posted by UncleJ View Post
As an aside the '13 T-egg has the same drive train as the '13 Cayenne diesel. Uprated new series engine and all. Not that it has anything to do with your question to Ard of course. But the '13 T-egg will be slightly different than your old '11, mainly better mileage and performance.
11 T-reg is the new generation, it is identical to a 13MY.

To OP: It all comes down to whether you're planning on keeping that car for a long time or not. If you are, I'd stick with a new technologically superior Touareg or wait for a new X5D which should come with all the new goodies. If you're leasing, who cares, in 3 years you'll be back on the market again anyway. Also as someone noted above the engine noise (diesel clatter) of the X5D is too loud, oh, and a gas mileage is much better on Touareg, but I am sure you're already know that.

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