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Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
That's great Joey! I'm amazed you can get a loan of any age.

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I'm sure the rate on a 2000 740i with 124,999 miles would be a lot less pleasant than something with less than 100k from the 2004-2007 model year range, which is probably what I'll end up going for.

You guys are going to kill me but I'm seriously considering picking up another Saab.

In the interest of sanity and financial responsibility I know I should focus on getting a turn-key, cheap to own, cheap to fix daily driver. But something like a TL, TSX or Accord would be such a dull, sterile driving experience, and something like a WRX or Mazda3 would be like driving a tin can with doors.

I still like Audis but someone finally talked me out of the 1.8T because they are so complicated and so wimpy in stock form anyway. I'll think about an E46 but I already have a 3.0L RWD manual trans BMW, and buying a second would seem redundant. I've grown to like Mercedes more and more, but the ones I want I can't afford and the ones I can afford I don't want.

HOWEVER, the 05-07 Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8t checks all the boxes. In the right price range, well optioned, 250hp, 6spd manual, 27mpq. So far as I can tell, its more reliable than something from VAG, and no worse than a bimmer. As DF mentioned the timing belt service is a big pain in the ass, but you can plan for those. There is a black one about an hour from me, if its still there this weekend I'm going to go test drive it.

Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
Fixed rate? Also, I imagine the only way you're going to get close to their "as low as 1.49%" is if you buy a $25k+ car.
Yes, but you're right, I don't expect my rate to be anything close to that, but my friend just refinanced her 2006 330i (with like a $17k balance) with them for 1.49%, so the rate on a $9-10k loan should be fair.

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