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Hi cmpcpro,

Yeah I saw that, bit confusing, his neighbour had a 530 which is a M54 engine, you can re-build that VANOS with new seals, I done it on my old E46 a few years ago using the besian kit.

There is no such kit for the N62, the VANOS is a completely different design, it does not use a piston arrangement, presumeably to address the issues they were having with the S62, M52TU, M54 etc.... In the past.

It's important not to confuse the piston arrangement of the earlier VANOS units with the N62 adjustment units. They won't suffer the same o-ring issues. Its durability of the vanes inside the adjuster that could be a failure point in the N62 units (part number 9 on the diagram below).

The oil is fed to either side of the vane via oil galleries inside the cylinder head and front camshaft bearing cap. Oil enters the camshaft and is directed into the adjustment unit.

I guess it's possible that the vanes could leak causing pressure loss and affecting adjustment force and speed. One or more of the vanes could break up, causing mechanical obstruction and pressure loss. Or the locking piston at the bottom could get stuck, either locking the unit entirely or not locking when oil pressure is removed to return the camshafts to their initial starting position.

Of course the VANOS solenoids themselves could be blocked or obstructed or even a general oil pressure regulation problem from the oil pump.

I'm tempted to try and take one apart when I have the engine in bits to assess their condition.

Labour I would imagine would be an additional 2 hours on top of say the front upper timing chain gasket replacement.

As i'm stripping the heads in the new year workshop time isn't the issue for me but cost is!

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