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Originally Posted by hh3uunp View Post
That's kind of stupid. 5 speed to 6 speed. What's the big deal ?. I don't use 5th gear ever. If it was an automatic swap to 6 speed Would make sense
Its a really big deal. 5th gear on the highway runs at too high RPM's. You aren't a highway commuter are you? And if you're in 4th at 75mph then that doesn't make sense. Especially if you have a shorter differential ratio. 6th gear is great for highway. Also, the 6-speeds like ones in the 540 or the 3 series had slightly sportier and shorter ratio's for better acceleration. And lastely, if your transmission is old and ready to fail...then why not just get the 6-speed. Oh and in addition, the M54's have major problems with consuming Oil. For a highway commuter, having a 6th gear to keep RPM's low will help reduce oil burning in the combustion chamber and prolong the life of your cat converters. I think you aren't thinking all of the possible scenarios through before stating bold opinion.

Originally Posted by Five30Eye View Post
I can understand the dislike of the automatic transmission in an enthusiast sports car, if that's how we all agree an E39 should be classified. All the BMW forums I've visited seem to be pre-disposed against autos, which is fine by me. However, in my case, I'm getting old.......I've spent the last twenty years driving a stick, my left foot is TIRED. The steptronic computer can do things WAY faster and with more precision than my old decaying brain can. I'm not into chirping tires to get attention or having to feather the clutch on a hill, I'm just at a different point in my life. I don't take it to the track and I rarely exceed posted speed limits on purpose. Call me boring or old fashioned, hell, call me stupid and ignorant, don't bother me none. I am just looking for a more relaxed, connected experience on my daily commutes to and from the office, and my auto delivers that in spades! Just flicking into sport mode gives me about the same engine braking I had in my last stick, how's that saying go; "to each thier own"

Swapping out the transmission sounds like WAY more than a "mod", sounds like the car would be non-op for a month or more while all the details are ironed out, no thanks, I'll keep my old-man auto.
You are lookg into buying a 530i with a sports suspension, sport wheels, sport seats, M-Tech spoiler and you're looking to replace your VANOS. To anybody who reads the OP, it seems like you're looking for performance so its only natural for my response to be putting a manual into it.

I reacted to your OP as such. If you stated you wanted a comfortable 530i with 16'' rims, soft suspension...etc. Then I wouldn't say a word about manual, because it shows you aren't interested in performance or connection.

Also, don't compare me to most "BMW" enthusiasts. I have nothing against manual or auto's. I think they are meant to be suited to one's own needs. Just, because I recommended it in your situation does not mean I generally support manuals. If you look at some post history you will see me being a staunch defender of the Automatic when people start insulting itself or the people driving it.
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