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Originally Posted by Shaske87 View Post
So cleaned up the connections and unplugged the computers. Reconnected them and let the car idle. Took it for a drive and there was an improvement. The first shift is perfect. The second and third still Rev a bit. Instead of reving 500 to 1000 it only does about 200 to 500 on hard acceleration and on normal driving shifts fine. So that process helped quite a bit. I'm tempted to put a bottle of lucus into to see if that helps that last bit. Or would something else be better than that?
Drive it for a few more days and see how it behaves

Your fill procedure is correct....a little bit of an overkill but that never hurt .
Meanwhile look for a friction modifier...a thickening agent.

When the car revs up and then shifts, do you get a hard shift or a smooth one ?

Cogitating on your reports further, i suspect that your throttle position sensor might be due for a replacement. Test resistances according to bentley both when the engine is hot and cold and see if you find anything off. Good luck.

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