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Originally Posted by champaign777 View Post
good choice for 2003 530i Sport Auto
Thanks! This was my buying decision flow: Start with E39. Had to be 2003. Had to be saloon. Had to be six cylinder (I have a thing for inline six's). Had to be 530. Had to have style 42's. Preferred auto, but would take stick if it had everything else. Had to be either Grey, White, Blue or Silver. After driving a few, narrowed interior down to Grey, from Grey or Tan. Preferred Xenon headlights. Preferred M-sport steering wheel. Turns out the preference for Style 42's & M-sport wheel really meant "sport package", but the 5 wheels were the driving force. (excuse the pun)

Originally Posted by champaign777 View Post
I drove many rent cars in my life but BMW steptronic is one of the best around and has 3 different modes
I thought it had like 7 modes within the ATC programming? Hill mode, cruise control mode, stop and go traffic mode, etc. To me, that's way more advanced than what I can do with my left foot.

Originally Posted by Bandem View Post
You are lookg into buying a 530i with a sports suspension, sport wheels, sport seats, M-Tech spoiler and you're looking to replace your VANOS. To anybody who reads the OP, it seems like you're looking for performance so its only natural for my response to be putting a manual into it.
I was merely introducing myself, the car is already in my garage, I've had it since May of this year. VANOS was just typical maintenence @ 100k miles on ANY car so equipped I thought, is that not accurate? It can help performance sure, but my bigger concern is fuel economy and having a healthy engine. I'm going to start a new thread so we can intelligently discuss the manual versus auto topic.

Originally Posted by Bandem View Post
Also, don't compare me to most "BMW" enthusiasts. I have nothing against manual or auto's. I think they are meant to be suited to one's own needs. Just, because I recommended it in your situation does not mean I generally support manuals. If you look at some post history you will see me being a staunch defender of the Automatic when people start insulting itself or the people driving it.
I'm sorry if I offended you, I appreciate your input, regardless if we agree or not.

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