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Originally Posted by x3brian View Post
These gaskets do fail but in experience it's closer to 150k or 6 or 7 years.

I too am an engineer and agree 100%. However, I do have a theory that prolonged oil change durations contribute to this. Did you 100% follow BMW oil changes? That's only about 3 oil changes in 58k miles.

Now with that said ask for goodwill!!!! At 58k and a 2008 you are in the running for it. The dealer controls that process not BMWNA. It sounds like this dealer doesn't want your repeat business and is playing shuck and jive so you don't ask for it!

Appreciate the comments, and we are working on the goodwill side of things, don't know what the outcome will be yet.

Certainly, your assessment of 150k seems far more reasonable from an engineering perspective to expect potential leaking issues. Yes, 100% followed the BMW maintance schedule and I agree with your suspicions. I've often wondered about these long duration oil changes, I'm not a huge fan of them. But the industry does seem to be moving in that direction as a whole. But you might be on to something.

It's interesting, there's an independent BMW mechanic here in my town who I don't know well at all. But in my conversation with him, he said the seals are not the issue on these engines, it's the oil switch. In his experience, the oil switch fails and causes some type of pressure problem which forces oil out the seals. I can't confirm any of that, but it was an interesting alternative perspective from someone who claimed to fix many of them.

in the past, I've loved working on my different BMW's as I often appreciated the engineering thought that went into many components. But if others are also having these type of problems and BMW is claiming them to be normal, there are serious design/manufacturing problems and an even more serious perspective problem from BMW itself.
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