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Originally Posted by ccieurzo View Post
Consider the Continental Extreme Contact DWS as well. Great wet performance and very good in the dry as well. Surprisingly good snow performance for an A/S tire, though that is probably less important to you.

So far my short experience with the DWS has been great too. Excellent ride quality, much softer on those thumps your referring too (I have a covertte too, I know the run flat thump you're sick of). Once I changed over I was amazed how much better I felt the ride was on the X5.

Another odd thing I can't explain well, the run flats in the staggered 20 inch setup loved to fall into the highway grooves made by the heavy trucks around here. It almost felt like you were fighting the car from drifting in and out of the indentations on each side of the lane. The wide tires of the corvette do the same thing, so I never thought much of it. However, After switching to the DWS, the car doesn't fall into those groves the same way. I can pleasantly and loosely hold the steering wheel and not fight it from drifting left and right, in and out of the road indentations. I didn't expect that difference in the switch but it's oddly noticeable.
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