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How do I say this - it seems, from another post I saw (the driver posted a clip of him in his souped (sp?) up 335i racing his buddy in his M3) and from some of the reviews that I've read, that the M3 is relatively slow starting off. (It picks up speed and will blow past other cars in no time though) So, here's my question, if you start off from a stop sign or light sensibly / not flooring the gas, and you never suddenly accelerate (I know from the test drive that it can stop on a dime), why would the car ever spin out / fish-tail ... on you simply because it's a powerful car? Certainly, during my 2 test drives (one on city roads and one on the highway), I did not feel intimidated at all. My friends tell me with that amount of hp I wouldn't be able to handle it. These friends are all guys. Is there some truth to what they're saying or are they just trying to get me to let them drive the car once I get it? :-)
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