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Originally Posted by DHoang View Post
And even though those parts listed may not leave you stranded, but by the time you figure out that they need to be replaced, the failed parts cold cause problems for other parts down stream. Take oxy sensors. if failed, you could have been running too lean or too rich w/o knowing. Both cases, you subject your costly catalytic converters to a period of damage.
vanos seal....if you wait until they are a goner, by then, the solenoid would have rubbed itself raw against the sidewalls, and so instead of just replacing a $50 beisan seal, you could be looking at a complete vanos unit due to a scored or out of round cyl wall.
2nd air valve. if the valve is left until it's 100% failed, it could take out the pump.
spark plugs...can't imagine why anyone would reuse old spark plugs after a gasket change. They're so cheap, and besides, for 100% combustion seal, you cannot reuse old plugs b/c the washer is a crush washer, a one time use.
these items i agree with you on for the most part. every time i get into somewhere i make these considerations. i don't have the savings account for it anymore though. i plan on replacing the valve cover gasket without new spark plugs lol you can replace the spark plugs without removing the valve cover right? the valve cover seems to be a pretty easy job. i mean i haven't done it yet but doesn't seem difficult, nothing worth jumping through hoops that i can see.

on another note, i bought a new climate control button panel, and completely failed at installing it. has anyone ever done that? what gives with all the loose rockers? i need some more of those little rockers, the new panel is worse than the old one right now. hopefully when the weekend comes ill have time after the cooling system overhaul and VCG to really work on that. i really thought it was going to be plug and play what a bummer.
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