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Originally Posted by doms50msport View Post
I am averaging 9.6 MPG's after the first two fill ups. This is with 95% city driving in and out of traffic on the long island expressway [sic - driving in Sport mode)...When I actually tried to get better MPG and I drove in D for a full tank... I managed about 11.6 MPG... If I am driving in D , 8th gear on a highway at 65 mph for around 30 minutes, the MPG goes up to about 24 for pure highway miles. Which I am assuming is great.
I think that your nearly exclusive "in city" driving is impacting your individual results. You have to realize that BMW did NOT run the fuel performance measurements using the sport/non-auto option. Rather, any comparisons should be based on keeping the car in AUTO 100% of the time. Any time you change it to the manual shift alternative, you can basically kiss 2-5MPG in fuel economy away.

In order to get an idea of what your truck will actually do you may want to figure out a way to take it on a road trip for 50% of the tank and drive around town (conservatively) for the other half of the tank. Perhaps a nice EASY cruise to the mountains with a bit of piddling around the small towns shopping for do-dads that can fit in the back of the X5 would do you good. Then come back and let us know how it goes. I think that 12 to 13.5 are about as good as ANYONE gets with those for in city driving. Highway.. you will be lucky to get the top of 21MPG advertised. The 24MPG you are seeing is likely a periodic anomaly. My Diesel goes to 50MPG for long periods of time on the highway but I don't expect to see anywhere near that result in reality. 26MPG would be GREAT for my '12 X5 Diesel IMHO for a long highway run

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