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Originally Posted by miamiboyca View Post
What Everyone needs to realize is that the underlying data with all navigation systems (GIS) Is constantly being updated. It's not only to update points of interest, but to actually update location of centerline and points on maps vs lat/Lon. This data has different formats and as gets converted to the different applications.

Now when you take into account that there are hundreds of millions of points and centerlines that go into any navigation system, multiply that by the number of different suppliers that provide that combine to collect the data and you can easily see why errors with pop up. Few companies have the resources of a Google and can afford to drive the country for proper location information. Most of the data is a collection from different sources, these various sources can also introduce errors. I am not making excuses for the companies, just pointing out that there is a quite a bit of data that goes into making our NAVs fairly accurate. Of course if you live in an area where streets and addresses are changing more often than the data becomes even more important and dates quickly.
I have no issue with a lack of POI's, or getting an address wrong. That's understandable.

What I have an issue with is a fundamental inability to route properly. I've been using Nav since 1999 and had it in my cars since 2002. Never have I seen a system as poor to route or re-route as this one. And I've had it in areas from NY solid down to VA and now TX, and the issues are the same. This thing still can't recognize roads that are better than others. Case in point:

Here's a goofy one that I didn't catch on the Nav, but replicated on Google maps. It's not terrible, but how does this (Nav routing):

Make more sense than this (how I went):

More magic not captured on film:

Requested routing: Get off going south, make a u turn and go North (actual routing)

Instead of just taking the Northbound exit?!?!?!

Or how about this. Forget about taking the direct highway route:

No, here is what the Nav suggests. This:

or this:

These are routes suggested by the nav. Seriously.

A good one from DC:

One of my favorites. An illegal u-turn on a DIVIDED road, when you can go past and take the exit route to go Northwest on Seminary directly.

I've saved the best for last. This was in the middle of a 280 mile trip. It actually suggested that instead of proceeding through on this major highway, somehow it was better that I get off, make a few turns, and get back on. Seriously.

Dynamic guidance is turned off. No special instructions were used. These were actual routing methods by this POS nav.
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