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Question When did you decide you can afford a luxury SUV/Car?

Hi guys, new to the board...

So, I am tossing around the idea of buying an X5 but haven't talked myself into it yet. Just curious what helped others bite the bullet. Couple questions for you.

1.At what point in life did you make the determination that you can afford an upscale vehicle?

2.How much monthly discretionary income would be advisable prior to taking on a BMW?

3.Also, how do most people go into the deal on a 40-70k purchase? Minimum down/high payment, Max down/small payment on a purchase to be held 5-7yrs.

My situation is this:
31yrs old, married, no kids. 1 child planed 2 yrs out. New house within 5 yrs
150k household income
8500 take home
No current car payment/debt
1yr reserve in the bank
401k maxed at match
5500 discretionary/savings at the end of the month
Current car: 350z which is not childseat friendly, but will keep as I enjoy driving it.

Personally this would suggest room for somewhere between a 500-1500 car payment/insurance, which would allow for a variety of nice vehicles new or used, but I'm having a tough time justifying the additional expense vs something more economical. I am drawn to the x5 as a driving enthusiast and I think I would enjoy the performance/utility tradeoff.

I'm currently eying the x5d used for ~40k or new for ~65k.

This might be unconventional laying it all out there, but I'm curious how current owners came around to the idea of owning a luxury vehicle.


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