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I knew when I had a reason to. She turns 8 years old this week and she has a 5 year old baby brother. We moved from a Camry to an ML 350 shortly after my daughter was born. There were other choices but none better for our needs. I have an 11 yo Silverado because we have older homes and younger kids. The extra money goes for my wife to be able to drive a safe, solid, comfortable vehicle.

We bought an Acadia shortly after my son was born but it just wasn't as solid and safe feeling as the other choices. I paid more for the Acadia than the ML, if that matters. It also spent more time in the shop than all other vechicles I have owned, COMBINED.

We now have a 2012 X5 35d and could not be happier. It gets 25% to 32% better mileage than the last vehicle and is MUCH more fun to drive.

I leased the last two vehicles but chose to buy this one. The plan is to keep it for at least ten years or more. If you are buying, more down is great depending on the interst rate. Leasing, there is alot more math and other varibles involved, move slowly.

Put more money in your 401k, alot more. You currently don't have many right-offs and you should get used to living off lower income givien your future plans.
The difference in $65K new and $40k used is probably much closer than that given incentives and dealer flexibility. I tried to go used but it just didn't pencil out.

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