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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
And still, this to me is not a preferred method anyway. I would simply use my original FA, and VO Code each ECU to reset it. It is a much simpler and cleaner process.

I am soon about to get started (slowly)... First I was going to read coding data of all of my green CAFD and then copy to another folder (which I assume is good practice even if I may never need and would likely restore using VO coding).

First question: Is it safe to use the ctrl key and select all of the green CAFD files and then richt click and "read coding data" or should I do them one at a time or a few at a time?

Second question: Roughly how many CAFD files are there to read and how much time should it take just to read all the original CAFD files if I were to select all of them and read all of them at once or if I were to do them one at a time?

Verification of my approach:

1. My plan for my first connection to the car is to read all the CAFD (either one by one or all at once depending on what you recommend) and then disconecting from the car and making a backup copy of those files (to another folder).

2. I would then work offline with the FDL editor editing the CAFD files I read (located C:\ESysdata\CAF and not the backup copies, of course) and save the edited CAFD files(s).

3. Then I would connect to the car, click read and then right click FA and activate FA...

4. Then I would click on the CAFD file that I edited (offline) and click Code FDL (or would it be better to read it again and do the edit it while connected to the car / eliminate step 2)?

Thank you again for all of your assistance and sorry if I am being a little too concerned here (e.g. too many questions), just don't want to do something stupid and brick my new M5. I really appreaciate all you and others (e.g. April1, etc.) contribute and how patient and willing to help you are...

Oh crap, one last question (I know to run the ZGW_Search in XP mode which I already set), do I need to run e-sys in xp mode? I have a windows 7 64 bit laptop (same as you, I think) and I think you stated e-sys works with Windows 7 64-bit (i.e. not in xp mode)?

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