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Wrongway keeps chanting his mantra of "entitlement." I think my position was correct, and the fact that my request was denied and my expectation was not met in no way changes that. As the Stones say, "You can't always get what you want." I'm ok with that.

And Wrongway is free to consider my decision to look elsewhere a child-like or infantile tantrum, though I believe that it is more likely than not that he, like most of us, has probably had similar "tantrums," as he puts it, and speaks up when he is dissatisfied, though I really doubt that he regards them as such when that particular poorly made or ill-fitting" shoe" is on his "foot." It's normal, and I feel it's ok, provided one also takes the time to compliment a job well done, as I do.

Has Wrongway never switched brands, stores, banks, attorneys or other provider of services when displeased or disappointed with the service or product he received? Perhaps not.

I don't know how many times or in how many different ways I can say this, but I honestly believe that (1) if a lower-priced model in the same series comes with a part integral to the operation of a commonly used product, the upscale model should as well, and (2) it is not at all unusual for brands to value their frequent and/or best customers, and should, as they tend to be more profitable over the long term. Asking for consideration, and indeed expecting a degree of acknowledgement is not a sin, at least as I see it, though Wrongway disagrees. But I'm ok with my position and with the fact that he sees things differently.

If I understand his latest post or response, the two different models have different wiring or connections or whatever that somehow prevents BMW from equipping the X35i with a Y-cable. I probably misread or misunderstood, as that makes no sense, and nobody had previously proposed that to me as a reason for the lack of provision of the cable in the first place. Again, I may have misunderstood.

At the risk of repetition, his belief that I expect BMW to provide me with a new cable or whatever each time a new product comes on the market was never my position. It was his and his alone, which I refuse to "own" despite his attempt to portray it as mine.

I must conclude that Wrongway has no credit cards or other memberships that provide various bonuses, increased levels of status, cash back, mileage, discounts or other benefits in kind for his patronage, because if he does, I'm sure he would be honorable enough to decline or return those considerations recognizing his status with those entities, and, if he elects to maintain them and attempts to enjoy them, would in no way be upset if someone with a lower membership status than his is given an upgrade or similar consideration when he is not.

If I am wrong in the above, I truly apologize and salute him. Only he knows the answer.

As to my analogy of the houses, Wrongway now suddenly decides that it is an improper one, after responding to it in the first place by creating a completely different set of facts and then responding to it (his) and then using that off-point analogy, composed of totally different facts, to prove his point. He thinks that my analogy is a poor one. I don't...especially when he responded with his own about a ten versus a three bedroom home.

I am unfamiliar with Wrongway's use of "tenements" as follows..."Frankly, I think I follow your tenements to the T." But I have room (get it?) to learn.

And it baffles me how he repeatedly changes the essence of what I have said. When I provided the analogy to BMW's rep about the TV set and the lack of a remote (the inference to any reasonable reader would be that the two were to go together), Wrongway again pulled the old switcheroo and changed it to my somehow expecting a store to provide me with a Vizio remote for the Samsung TV I purchased, in order to negate my analogy. Huh?

And I distinctly said that I do not expect BMW to provide me with a new connector or whatever to keep abreast of Apple's newest iPod releases...just one...with the car. Yet Wrongway again ignored what I clearly stated. It appears to me that he either distorts what I say or totally ignores it, both to shore up his position.

Now if I had bought four Mercedes vehicles and expected their dealer to provide me with free maintenance on my new one or equip it with (fill in the blank) because BMW does, I would be the first to agree with Wrongway, but that's not my issue, now is it? And for a part that costs them $10, marked up to $98? Whaaaa?

And, in my last response, I had apologized to any and all readers I might have offended, yet Wrongway again notes that I was wrong in how I addressed others (prior to him). Again, by taking me to task for my comments,it is clear that my fellow poster repeatedly ignores, misstates or distorts what I have said.

Let me just put it this way...Wrongway believes that my expectations are unreasonable, and I don't. Simple, polite, and to the point. No need to talk about entitlement, stomping of feet and tantrums, attention-seeking behavior, and so forth, ok? I'd really appreciate it, and will sincerely thank you for same.

Fritz Perls, the founder of the Gestalt school of psychotherapy said, and I may be slightly misquoting him, but the essence is, "I do my thing and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine."

But, it's enough...really it is...and God more...ok?

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