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Originally Posted by csmeance View Post
Depending on the driving it varies, and I have a 760 so it runs a bit hotter. One day in HEAVY HEAVY traffic where I moved 1 mile in 2 hrs, Temp was 118C Degrees. During regular driving it floats around 105C. During highway driving it ranges between 86C and 110C depending on my speed.
Wow, you're gonna kill your engine and tranny very soon 118 means you've got air, just like I had! Get it out ASAP.
Set heater on high, Disconnect aux water pump and if you have no warm air coming from heater core, then start venting your system ASAP.
If you drive like this you'll get most favorite blue smoke symptom along with coolant pipe etc valve stems don't like 118C!
And don't worry your engine was not built to run a little hotter just bc it's V12 your temp should not be higher than 105C and actually 103-105C otherwise you've got cooling issues:
Assuming water pump and tstat are good:

Air in the system (heater core)
Coolant pipe seal is leaking inside

Ps. I'm so surprised these perfectly built engines can sustain this heat so good for so long, if it was Japanese or American engine, it would have gotten head gasket or head problem very quick. What I hate about it is that bmw don't want us to know when it's overheating !!!! Old bimmers had temp gauge where you could see it overheating.

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