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Originally Posted by 62rebel View Post
1992, A/T 2.5, touring; 237k miles; seems like she can't find idle and wants to rev too high, and can't seem to climb a grade very well under throttle.... i'm thinking idle air control valve. any suggestions before i get into that?
Very good place to start. Also check the TPS.

also; had a bad shimmy/shake under acceleration that went away on decel.... propshaft? wheel/tire issue? i know it needs some brake work; pulls to the right on hard braking.

i cut my teeth on 2002's some years ago, but haven't messed about with these midsize six cars until now. chalk and cheese, more or less.... discovered a huge learning curve! my old Bavaria never warned me.....
Shimmy/shake under accelleration, especially in 1st gear usually points to a bad center carrier bearing in the driveshaft. This is also a good time to replace the flex guibo which could also contribute.

Check the brakes, clean the calipers, remove the slide pins if necessary, remove corrosion from pins, lube and re-install. Worst case would be caliper replacement but you can be the judge of that.

The cars are actually pretty repair friendly, parts are easy to come by new and used. Welcome to the quiet, smooth but still BMW, e34 series
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