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Originally Posted by z51vette View Post
I'm in the same situation, been to the dealer twice already for the same condition. The only thing they can do is hook it up to a computer and verify there are no codes. I tried going through BMW customer relations to get the Regional rep involved in diagnosing the issue. After almost two weeks of communication I was denied that request because the only way to get help from a regional rep is if the dealer is asking for it.

The car is definitely running rich, it's obvious. How can they deny there is any issue just because it's not throwing codes and adaptations are within range.

Right now the car is at a third dealer for the third time, for that and a transmission issue it developed. I might have to pick it up before they get a chance to do all possible testing because I will be traveling out of the country, but I really hope I don't have to take it in for the forth time for them to at least diagnose it.

Going to an Indy shop might just be the ticket.
Thanks again for all of your help over the last few weeks. At least I know we have many commonalities and it isnt just me going crazy. I will copy and paste what I wrote to you int he other thread here:
ps- dont forget to keep me posted on your updates. I am in the same boat as you. Its like people and techs dont want to believe us. Crazy. Its too much of a coincidence that we are M Performance Package owners with builds a month or so apart with the same exact problem. Carbon Deposits, Rich Fuel Exhaust Odor coming into cabin, horrible gas mileage below 10. Yet the people without performance pack are getting normal MPG between 14 and 20
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